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Geolocation episodes for 'The Odyssey - an Epic Adventure on the Yorkshire Coast'
Enter into a world of ancient Gods and epic battles inspired by Homer’s classic works. A modern reinvention of an ageless tale, set across the expanse of the beautiful Yorkshire Coast.

The first episode - ‘The Gathering Storm’ tells of how the Trojan wars began, and introduces many of the major characters in our tale.

This audio trail features the voices of storytellers and performers from across the region, and original works by composers from the Yorkshire Coast.

Alongside the story, it will introduce you to the locations as well; and some of the places you may wish to explore after listening.

It is available as an audio 'discovery' trail in larger towns (see maps at the bottom of this page), or as a standalone single play version in a number of coastal locations.

Look out for Episode Two - ‘The Trojan Wars’ coming in the spring.

Download the Echoes Interactive Walks app from the App Store or Google Play to find stories in your area.

Top Tip! It's always worth downloading the story you'd like to listen to while on wifi before venturing out, to save on data streaming, or if you're entering an area with patchy reception.

Please note that playback is dependent on the GPS performance of your phone, and performance may vary from one model to another. The recordings are designed to be enjoyed outdoors, and sound levels have been boosted in some dialogue to equalise voices recorded during lockdown with social distancing measures in place.

'The Odyssey' is a Yorkshire Coast BID project.

So, on to the story itself. Welcome to 'The Odyssey episode one - The Gathering Storm' in the following locations:
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Here's a brief preview of the story, taken from Chapter Two:

Soundcloud Player

Why use this technology?

We love the Yorkshire Coast, and we feel that the best place to listen to an epic story about the sea is in the open air, preferably with the sea nearby.

It adds it's own drama - the sound of the waves; gulls above; the sights, sounds and smells of the coast; and the freedom of being outdoors. Even in a world with social distancing, we wanted to bring you a dramatic performance that you can enjoy throughout the coming years, as often as you like, whenever you like.

We've worked with some really talented performers and musicians from Staithes to Holderness to bring you this first part of our story, and they've all done a fantastic job of bringing this tale to life.
How do I listen to the stories?

1] Download the Echoes Interactive Sound Walks app [it's free!] See the links below

2] Search for walks near you if you're on the coast already, or for 'The Odyssey' by Animated Objects

3] Enjoy!
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On the App Store:
On Google Play:
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Huge thanks to everybody involved in making 'The Odyssey' geolocation story. There's a lot of you, and more will be added as the story grows! Here's the cast and creatives list:
Storytellers (in alphabetical order)

Geoff Allanach

Brandon Appleby

Fleur Linden Beeley

Paige Blenkin

Catherine Boddy

Macy Brown

Andrea Grace Burn

Connor Canvess

Bill Champion

Thomas Clare-Plummer

Roger Crowther

Christopher Dean

Dawn Dyson- Threadgold 

Charlie Hayes

Ruth Hill - Beeley

Elora Hugill

James Ireland

Beth Johnson

Mary Mathison

Phil Mathison 

Kian Moore

Sophie Osman

Mara Peasgood-Capilla

Selwyn Peterken

Josh Puplett

Rose Rylands

Georgina Samuels 

Kofi Smiles

Matt Stradling

Mark Stratton

Lee Threadgold

Ben Vickers

Florence Vickers


"Troy - Some of You Will Die" - Richard Scott

"Goddess of the Sea" - Karen Chalmers

"Elegie" & "Window on the World" - Geoff Allanach

"Rites" by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

"Helen of Troy" - Sarah Dew

"Troy VI" - Richard Scott

"Helen" - Karen Chalmers

Adapted by Lee Threadgold, based on Homer's classic works 'The Iliad' and 'The Odyssey'

'The Odyssey - an Epic Adventure on the Yorkshire Coast' is an Animated Objects production, supported by the Yorkshire Coast BID.
Discovery Trail Maps
Here you'll find the maps for the six discovery trail versions of episode one of our story. Each is set in a different town on the Yorkshire Coast. Follow the trail in your home town, or discover a place further along the coast as you listen to the story - the choice is yours!
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Starting on West Pier, this version of 'The Odyssey - episode one' takes you on a journey through Whitby's picturesque town centre; passing points of interest including the RNLI museum, the Dracula Experience, historic docksides, and cobbled streets before leading you to the base of the famous 199 steps to Whitby Abbey.

Look out for the relaxed versions of the story nearby; available at Pannett Park and the North Promenade, Sandsend and Robin Hood's Bay.
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The Scarborough trail takes you on a journey from the town centre, down into South Bay towards the historic harbour and lighthouse; passing amusements; places to eat; and a number of opportunities for activities on the water.

Please note for accessibility there are a number of different routes from the story start to chapter two including ramped access or the magnificent Central Tramway.

If you'd prefer a more relaxed version of the story, why not try The Crescent; South Cliff or Peasholm Park and North Bay where you can choose your own pace and places to enjoy the open air while listening.
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From the peaceful setting of Glen Gardens, this trail takes you through Filey's town centre passing a choice of places to eat, drink and shop, before heading downhill to the seafront and historic coble landing.

There is also a relaxed single play version available for you to explore Filey gardens and seafront.
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Take a stroll along Bridlington's sea front as you listen to the first episode of 'The Odyssey'. Passing the harbour, known for being the UK's lobster capital; Bridlington Spa and a range of entertainment and places for refreshments along the way.

Look out for our relaxed versions of the story nearby including Sewerby and North Sands; Flamborough and Skipsea.
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Listen to 'The Odyssey - episode one' as you take a gentle stroll along Hornsea's promenade, from the Floral Hall to the boat landing passing a number of places for refreshments and leisure along the way.

We also have the relaxed versions of the story available nearby in Hall Garth Park; Skipsea and Aldbrough.
Stacks Image 139
Explore Withernsea with 'The Odyssey' as you journey through the town centre from the historic lighthouse and head towards the pier towers and Valley Gardens.

We also have relaxed versions of the story available on Withernsea promenade; Tunstall and Roos; Patrington and Spurn & Kilnsea.
The geolocation also features numerous sound effects by independent makers:

Thunder effects:

Bell tree:

Nails on blackboard / eerie sounds

Gliss effects

Eerie chorus


Baby gurgle

Front door

Ghost breath
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