Large Scale Work

Over the years Animated Objects have produced a number of large scale productions, involving thousands of participants; spanning different generations and communities; and working in collaboration with local authorities and other delivery partners.

We pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of our work, and in bringing exciting and inspirational events to audiences in their own community settings.

Below are a series of images from our work:
Orpheus the Mariner
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Some of our pals came from Leicester to see @orpheusmariner and have just declared that they're moving to Scarborough :-)
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The Song of Leviathan
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Massive congratulations for the huge success…extremely positive comments from colleagues and businesses.
Janet Deacon, WTY Area Director North Yorkshire
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Lantern Parade Events
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Took my grandson to his first lantern parade this evening. Amazing attendance to support the hard work, talent and dedication of this company.
J Richardson
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Land Art Installations for the Tour de Yorkshire
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⌗thebigpicture ⌗landart is looking brilliant in its final destination at Scarborough castle!
Scarborough Borough Council
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Wayfarer - a giant explorer
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Completely loved watching an entire primary school perform 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'Hamlet' today. This is exactly what i want my kids eductation to be like. Thanks SO MUCH.
Laura Outhart
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