The Odyssey

The Odyssey

An Epic Adventure on the Yorkshire Coast

Animated Objects Theatre Company are a Yorkshire company specialising in large scale celebrations and artistic events featuring impressive visuals; dramatic performances on an epic scale and live music. We engage with local communities directly as makers, creatives and performers, with the emphasis on providing opportunities for people to participate in a number of different ways working with others towards a common artistic goal.

Over the next three years we’re inviting communities along the Yorkshire coast to get involved in reinventing one of the first adventures ever written. And we’re going to tell it in our own unique way...

Inspired by Homer’s classic tale of the Trojan Wars and the hero Odysseus’ incredible adventure trying to return to his beloved homeland, this version is going to be set across over 100 miles of Yorkshire’s dramatic coastline and surrounding areas.

Illuminations; short films; animation; new writing and music; sculpture; dance; giant puppetry; lanterns; parades; digital artworks and more.

And the stars of this story are the communities themselves.

We’re going to be looking for makers; storytellers; performers; or anyone who’d like to get involved in being part of something that celebrates the people and places of the Yorkshire coast.

No previous experience is required. Only the ambition to be part of something special.

The first step is making contacts in your community:

Community Organisations
Groups, associations and clubs
People who run events themselves
Schools and colleges
Businesses and individuals who would like to get involved

There’s nothing to beat local knowledge when it comes to putting a project of this scale together.

And we’d love to welcome you aboard the adventure.

Please contact or call us on (01723) 378906 to get involved.

A modern retelling of an ancient tale

Over 50 live events

Spanning three years

and over 100 miles of Yorkshire’s coastline

With local communities at its heart.